Are you paying alimony or spousal support to your ex-spouse?

Are they violating your alimony/spousal support agreement?

Don’t continue to pay these large amounts of money to your ex-spouse if he or she is not deserving. CSI private investigators specializing in cohabitation investigations can obtain the evidence required to prove your case. This evidence is crucial in achieving a favorable outcome in cases such as alimony adjustments, spousal maintenance calculations and child support recalculation.

Cohabitation: A living arrangement in which an unmarried couple lives together in a long-term emotionally and/or sexually intimate relationship that resembles a marriage. Legal disputes have arisen as to whether cohabitation would refer to same sex partners, which is important to those involved since “cohabitation” is the basis of certain rights and privileges under various laws, regulations and contracts. The findings of the courts vary on this question, but the trend is to include long-standing homosexual relationships as cohabitation.

  • Cohabitation investigations include covert surveillance that will document and provide evidence that will prove that the cohabitation exists. The investigator will gather this evidence with various types of professional video and photographic equipment.
  • Prove cohabitation using private investigators that can document the cohabitation through covert surveillance & investigation techniques. The professional investigators at Covert Surveillance & Investigations, LLC have years of experience and will provide this service to you with the utmost discretion and good taste.
  • Reduce alimony by proving cohabitation in the following manner – Contact Covert Surveillance & Investigations, LLC – The cohabitation investigator will talk with you and gather information about your case to develop a surveillance plan
  • The cohabitation investigator will conduct covert surveillance and document the cohabitation with video and photographic evidence
  • The cohabitation investigator will also provide you and your attorney with a detailed written report along with the video and/or photographic evidence obtained
  • Cohabitation can be established by obtaining evidence over an extended period of time. Covert Surveillance & Investigations, LLC will collect evidence of the cohabitation through professional surveillance and other through other investigative techniques.
  • Lawyers hire PIs to help reduce alimony by providing evidence of the cohabitation. The required evidence will show that the couple is living together for an extended period of time.
  • The proof of cohabitation is usually needed in family court to assist in child custody matters and to adjust compensation claims for child support, spousal maintenance and alimony matters.
  • Our method of approach can identify periods of time that people are living together, the complexity of the relationship, and other unknown facts which all combined are court admissible to assist the court in making its equitable distribution awards.